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NTAR TAWAH DEVELOPMENT(NTD)Gated Communities is Aurora’s signature project. It is located off Tawah street in Atuakom
Mankon, Bamenda NW Region of Cameroon.

Location Of NTD

location of NTD

General Description of NTD

AURORA is a Cameroon Government certified Real Estate Development Company 007/SG/2 dated 16th March 2012. Its real estate development project, NTAR TAWAH DEVELOPMENT (NTD), covering some 20 Hectares, is four minutes’ drive from T- Junction on the commercial Avenue, the economic heartbeat of Cameroon’s 3rd Largest City. It is located off TAWAH Street at Atuakom Mankon Bamenda, North West Region Of Cameroon. NTD has 2 gated Communities, 1 for social housing, the other for middle / luxury housing. It also has a business Centre, comprising of Elementary school, Conference Centre, Hotel, Fitness Centre, Shopping Centre, place of Worship and a Police post.

There is also Parks and Gardens resort Centre. In short, NTD is a top class designed Government approved layout modeled on some of the best environmentally friendly, layout designs and structures such as in Europe and North America. It is worth noting that ABM’S NTD, has signed a contract with the Cameroon Government, through the Minister of Housing and Urban Development under which the Government has undertaken to tar the 1.8 km road, at the beginning of Tawah Street opposite Azire New Church through the layout to the tarred road from T- Junction to Commercial Avenue through Nacho Junction to Nanga Junction. The Government has also undertaken the obligation of Water and Electricity. All of this for a total cost of over 800 Million Francs CFA geared at insuring a high quality living environment at low cost for the end consumer.

The Low and Middle / Luxury Gated Communities, are covered by Fences made up of bogonvilia and other flowering plants. Access to both communities will be through highly secured entrances including using modern electronic mechanism. Home owners and residents must belong to the NTD’s Home Owners Association charged with insuring the upkeep of standards within NTD. In NTD people may acquire land and build to ABM standards or simply acquire houses built by AURORA. AURORA would build Bio- gas centres, would collect sewage and process it to produce kitchen Gas for local use.

Strategic Partners (Role of Government and of Credit Foncier du Cameroun)

governor of north west region minister of housing chambers of commerce visit to Cambodia

Lay-out Design

lay out

Topographic Lay-out

layout topology

Parks and Gardens

layout topology

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