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  Created in late 2008, Aurora hit the ground running, growing rapidly with quality products, services and innovation as a result of dedicated staff and inspired leadership. For instance our culturally based fired clay tiles and interlocking compressed earth blocks have added unique building material products and quality services to the Cameroon market. Aurora’s objective is to provide Cameroonians with good quality affordable housing in planned neighborhoods. It seeks to ensure that the low income, middle and luxury houses it constructs today remain valid in the housing market as our country becomes an emerging nation by 2035.

Aurora is working in collaboration with MIPROMALO the Cameroon Government’s local building materials promotion authority. Indeed it is certified by that institution as a Technology Transfer Center. Aurora has equally received technical support from renowned experts such as Mr. Damle (then manager of the world’s largest fired clay factory located in India, and under the PUM program, Prof. Wim Pastoors, a renowned professor of ceramics, in Holland). Both of them spent time in Aurora’s structures and advised on key improvements.

Aurora is equally closely working with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. Indeed Aurora is one of a number of private Real Estate Development companies that have signed Conventions with the Minister in charge of that Ministry since 2011. Under the Convention with Aurora, the Cameroon government is taking steps to tar the road beginning from Azire New Church junction, through Tawah Street, the New bridge to the road linking Nacho junction through to Nanga Junction. Under these Conventions, the government will also provide access to electricity and water as part of upholding standards within Ntartawah Development. The total Cameroon Government investment within the frame work of this Convention, amounting to over 800 million francs (approximately 1.6 million dollars US), is geared at insuring that the ultimate beneficiaries are the final consumers that is the individual Cameroonians owning properties within the Ntartawah Development.

At Aurora we believe that the customer is king and his satisfaction in the justification of existence hence our motto:


National awards
  • President of the Republic First Prize of Enterprise innovation, JESIC 2011 awarded by Minister of Scientific Reseasrch Y'dé
  • CommonWealth National First Prize on Enterpreneurship March 2013
Regional Award
  • Prizes at the NW Regional Level
Private Sector Prizes and Award
Life Time Archievement 2012 Cameroon Post Award 2012Life Time Archievement 2011  

It is located in Tawah street Atuakom Mankon, about 4 minutes drive from T-junction, on the Commercial Avenue Mankon Bamenda, the economic heartbeat of the North West Region. Bamenda is Cameroon’s 3rd largest city.

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